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Artizan BNF
Artizan PNP
Ember 2 RTF
Fw-190A-8 BNF Basic
Night Vapor BNF
Night Vapor RTF
P-47D Thunderbolt BNF
Sport Cub BNF
Sport Cub BNF with Phoenix (RTM5000)
Sport Cub PNP
Sukhoi SU-29M BNF Basic with Phoenix (RTM5000)
Sukhoi SU-29MM BNF Basic with SAFE
T-28 Trojan BNF
T-28 Trojan PNP
Ultra Micro F4U Corsair RTF
Ultra Micro Icon A5 BNF with AS3X
Ultra Micro P-51 RTF
Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan BNF
Ultra-Micro P-51D Mustang BNF with AS3X
Ultra-Micro P-51D Mustang RTF with AS3X