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Blade Heli

"Motor with Pinion,Counterclockwise:BMCX2,FHX,MH-3
"Mounting Access, Screwdriver & Wrench: 300 X"
"Mounting Access. Screwdriver, & Wrench: B450, B40
"Mounting Accessories & Wrench: BCP, BCPP"
"O-Ring & Tubing Set: BCP, BCPP, B400"
"One-Way Bearing 6x10x12: B450, B400"
"One-Way Bearing Shaft and Shim Set: B400, B450"
"One-Way Bearing Shaft and Shim Set: B450, B400"
"Orange Tail Rotor (1): mCP X/2, nCPX"
"Outer Main Rotor Shaft with BB and Holder, CX4"
"Outer Main Shaft Bearings (Pr), CX4"
"Outer Main Shaft Cap with Inner Shaft Bearing, CX
"Outer Main Shaft Collar with Setscrew, CX44"
"Outer Shaft & Main Gear Set: BMCX/2/T, FHX, MH-35
"Outer Shaft Main Gear with BB and Hardware, CX4"
"Outer Shaft Retaining Collar:BMCX/2/T,FHX,MH-35"
"OuterShaft Bearing 3x6x2mm(2):BMCX/2/MSR,FHX,MCP
"Paddle Control Frame Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR"
"Paddle Control Frame: BCP, BCPP"
"Paddle Set: BCP, BCPP, BSR"
"Pinion Gear, 10T 0.5M: B450, B400"
"Pinion Gear, 11T 0.5M: B400, B450"
"Pinion Gear, 11T 0.5M: B450, B400, 200SRX"
"Pinion Gear, 9T 0.5M: B450, B400"