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Blade Eclipse 360 BNF Basic


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The Blade® Eclipse 360 combines a fully-molded EPO body with futuristic looks and a high-performance airframe to deliver a
unique blend of hovering, scale-like, sport, and aerobatic flying capabilities for intermediate to experienced heli pilots.


• An innovative blend of futuristic looks and high performance to deliver a unique helicopter flying experience
• A lightweight yet durable, fully molded and painted EPO body featuring LED navigation and landing lights
• Low-profile skids plus an optional-use wheel set for a different look and ground handling experience
• Spektrum Dual Smart ESC provides real-time battery voltage, motor RPM, and other data to compatible transmitters
• Factory-installed Spektrum FC6250HX flybarless flight controller featuring exclusive AS3X and SAFE technologies
• Easier to fly with innovative and optional-use SAFE flight envelope protection
• The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X technology
• Factory-installed digital, metal-geared cyclic servos with precise ball-link equipped linkages
• Two Spektrum brushless outrunner motors deliver excellent performance and flight times
• Convenient, magnetically-secured canopy/hatch with a large battery compartment
• Compatible with popular and common 3S 2200–3200mAh LiPo batteries
• Aluminum head block and carbon fiber main rotor blades
• Fully factory-assembled and nearly ready to fly right out of the box


Good: 3S 2200mAh 30C G1 / G2 LiPo (SPMX22003S30 / SPMX223S30)
Better: 3S 2200mAh 50C G1 / G2 LiPo (SPMX22003S50 / SPMX223S50)
Best: 3S 3200mAh 30C G1 / G2 LiPo (SPMX32003S30 / SPMX323S30)

Good: S155 55W AC Smart Charger (SPMXC2050)
Better: S1100 100W AC Smart Charger (SPMXC2080)
Best: S1200 200W AC Smart Charger (SPMXC2020)

Good: DX6e (SPMR6655)
Better: NX7e (SPMR7100)
Best: NX8 (SPMR8200)


• Length: 30.8 in [782 mm]
• Height: 7.6 in [193 mm]
• Width: 4.7 in [120 mm]
• Flying Weight: 33 oz [935 g]
• Main Rotor Diameter: 30.6 in [767 mm]
• Main Rotor Blade Length: 13.78 in [350 mm]
• Main Blade Material: Carbon Fiber
• Tail Rotor Diameter: 3.0 in [76 mm]
• Tail Rotor Blade Material: Plastic
• Tail Motor Type: Brushless Outrunner
• Main Motor Type: Brushless Outrunner
• Battery Range: 3S 2200–3200mAh LiPo w/IC3 or EC3
• ESC: Dual 30A Main and 15A Tail Brushless Smart ESC
• Servos: (3) Digital, Metal-Geared
• Receiver: Spektrum 4651T
• Flight Controller: Spektrum 6250HX Flybarless Control System
• Radio: Full-Range 6+ Channel Spektrum™ DSMX®/DSM2®
compatible (programmable for helicopters)
• Experience Level: Skill Level 2
• Assembly Required: No