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Mini AeroScout RTF

The HobbyZone® Mini AeroScout™ makes learning to fly an RC (Radio Controlled) airplane easy and fun! It’s the perfect “mini” trainer because it’s a smaller version of the popular AeroScout S featuring the same pusher power configuration for better propeller and motor protection and incredibly durable EPP construction that makes it the most durable HobbyZone airplane yet – and an incredible value!


Welcome to the exciting world of RC (Radio Controlled) flight! If you've ever dreamed of taking to the skies, Horizon Hobby has you covered. We are committed to engineering aircraft that you can learn to fly with successfully even if you've never flown RC before. Every HobbyZone® aircraft we offer features industry-leading design and technology developed by experts to keep you in control and learning at your own pace so you can turn your dreams of flight into a reality!

Smaller version of the AeroScout S that's conveniently sized so it can be flown at soccer/sports fields, large parks and in other suitable areas
100% complete including a controller/transmitter, battery and charger so there's nothing extra to buy or provide
MLP4 controller/transmitter with 2.4GHz technology for reliable control without interference
Powerful electric motor for excellent performance and long flight times up to 10+ minutes
Rechargeable Spektrum™ 800mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo battery and USB charger for easy charging
Lightweight yet incredibly durable EPP construction perfect for first-time pilots
"Pusher" power configuration for improved safety plus better propeller and motor protection
Take off from and land on smooth surfaces using the included landing gear plus steerable tailwheel
Remove the landing gear to easily hand launch then land on grass or other suitable surfaces
Quick and easy assembly—no glue or special tools required, ready to fly in minutes
Capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls and more
No FAA registration required (under the 250-gram weight limit)
Full line of replacement/spare parts available
The HobbyZone Mini AeroScout™ makes learning to fly RC airplanes in more places and smaller spaces easy and fun! Inspired by the extremely popular AeroScout S, its "mini" size makes it a perfect smaller trainer model that can be flown in large parks, soccer fields, football fields and other suitable spaces where larger models can't typically be flown. It features incredibly durable EPP construction with the same pusher power configuration as its larger counterpart for improved safety plus better propeller and motor protection that makes it the most durable HobbyZone® airplane yet! This makes it possible for first-time RC pilots to learn to fly successfully with one of the most durable hobby-quality trainers ever for less than $100. It's also extremely easy to assemble and repair if needed because – unlike other similar class models – the major airframe parts including the wing and tail simply bolt or snap into place…no glue or tape required! Best of all it's a Ready-To-Fly (RTF) aircraft so it includes a controller/transmitter equipped with 2.4GHz technology, AA batteries for the transmitter, plus a rechargeable LiPo flight battery and convenient USB charger. That means there's nothing extra to buy or provide so you can fly!

And the fun doesn't stop after you learn how to fly! It's lightweight yet durable airframe is equipped with a powerful electric motor that delivers long flight times and provides plenty of speed and power to perform aerobatic maneuvers including loops, rolls and more. That means the Mini AeroScout is a model even experienced RC pilots will appreciate and enjoy flying – and can also use to teach others to fly.