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The Equalizer II can control the centering and throw of two servos. This accomplishes several things. First, it increases battery life, especially with digital servos, when multiple servos are used to control a single surface such as the rudder. It does this since the servos precisely track each other over the full positive and negative travel range. The servos are no longer wasting energy fighting each other. The other benefit of this is increased power being transferred to the flight surface instead of to the other servo(s). With the servos no longer fighting each other the full torque of the servos can be transferred to the flight surface. The Equalizer II can also reverse the direction of any servo. The Equalizer II uses a three-point calibration on each output to precisely control the centering positive throw and negative throw of the servo attached to that output. The user sets the centering, positive endpoint and negative endpoint during setup and the Equalizer II will adjust the natural servo travel to the calibrated travel over the entire range of the servo. The Equalizer II was designed to make it easy for one person to perform the setup. The Equalizer II has options the user can setup before the servo adjustments that tailor the Equalizer II to the task at hand making setup easy and painless.

The Equalizer II allows you control the centering, positive and negative throw of two servos. Each servo is controlled independently so two servos can be matched to each other with arbitrary endpoints.

Small size 1.65" x .865" x .375"
Wide 4.0V to 8.5V operating range
Less than 3.5mA current consumption
Low weight 0.3 oz
Universal connector with 10" pigtail
Intuitive user interface
Compatible with all radios, PCM & FM
1/4 microsecond sampling resolution
1/2 microsecond adjustment resolution
16-bit ultra-low power RISC processor

Servo matching on surfaces with multiple servo drive
Split elevators
Separate rudder and steering servo drive