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Super Dog Fighter 1/10 4WD Off-Road Kit


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Retro Iconic Buggy with Modern Capabilities & Performance
Stop Reminiscing and bring the 80s 4WD Off-Road buggy racing back to life with the ultimate off-road machine that enlivened the 1980s off-road scene! It is no exaggeration to say that it became the foundation of modern off-road racing, and it is a legendary platform that boasted overwhelming speed in off-road races to gain so much popularity during that golden era or RC Racing!

Although Yokomo kept the design and shape untouched, in order to utilize current power sources, this reproduced version comes equipped with gear differentials and a slipper clutch, providing a drive train capable of running powerful modern Lipo batteries. In addition, to further modify the platform to accommodate today's power supply, the battery tray was designed to fit big and small capacity models shorty LiPo batteries!

Despite the fact that this vintage race machine comes with the original body, wing, and under cowling to faithfully recreate the original buggy, it has been fully updated for today’s modern power system, while also maintaining much of the original vintage feel! Equipped with aluminum bulkheads, aluminum front and rear knuckles, FRP shock towers, FRP main chassis and hard anodized aluminum shocks, providing much needed durability and boosting performance! Get the legendary Super Dog Fighter and experience the modern performance in a retro style!

NOTE: Finished kit shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model.

A Re-release version of the original legendary buggy released in 1987
Hard anodized aluminum shocks
Aluminum bulkhead
Aluminum front and rear knuckles
FRP main chassis with a battery tray that can accommodate sub-C size batteries, as well as shorty lipo batteries.
Original FRP front and rear shock towers
Durable gear differentials and a slipper clutch to accommodate the modern power sources and output.
Adjustable turnbuckles
Scale: 1/10
Drivetrain: Belt Driven 4WD
Power Supply: Electric
Completion Level: Unassembled kit
(1) Super Dog Fighter 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Needed to Complete:
(1) 2 Channel radio system
(1) Steering servo
(1) 540 Motor
(1) Electronic speed control
(1) 7.2V NiMh or 2S Shorty LiPo Battery
(1) Compatible Battery Charger